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MERA follows communication technology evolution trends and strives to be in the front line of modern technologies to satisfy our customers. This is the reason we started to familiarize ourselves with the fast-growing cloud computing area. As a result, we have accumulated a solid track record of accomplished projects and gathered strong expertise in the area. 

Here are some of the accomplished projects:

Virtualization Experince

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VMware performance testing of Communication Server of major UC vendor in VMware environment

  • VMware ESXi 5.5 Hypervisor deployment to selected COTS servers:
    • resolving issues with incompatibility drivers;
    • script and CLI VM management.
  • Capacity testing of real RTP/SIP signaling traffic of CM running on VM:
    • comparing different network drivers (Direct I/O, E1000, VMxNET 3.0) in VM;
    • analyzing degradation results and narrowing down the issues;
    • adjusting app parameters and code to ensure safe and correct performance in VM.
  • Telephony solutions virualization for VMWare 5.x host platform.

Evaluation of VMWare vCenter solution with applicability to HA and Redundancy solution of major UC vendor

  • vMotion investigation and understanding.

Wind River Hypervisor

  • Overall board configuration, Virtual board creation, resource assignment, etc.
  • Image build and bootstrapping.
  • MIPC interface for inter-OS communication (Configuration / Usage for application communication).
  • Comparing analysis of Wind River Hypervisor vs. Xen Hypervisor.

Freescale P4080 based board kernel enhancements

  • Wind River Hypervisor 1.3, Wind River Linux 3.0.+ and Wind River VxWorks 6.9 were used.
  • Port and verify number of patches between different kernel versions.
  • Bring up virtualized system based on WR Hypervisor.

Virtualized cluster solution (SMS-Service Center)

  • Diskless X86 HW, Wind River Hypervisor 1.3, Wind River Linux4.3 based solution.
  • Virtual cluster with 8 nodes, running on the same CPU.
  • OpenSAF middleware.

VDI Solutions

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Developing a VDI solution for a major UC/Telecom vendor

Proprietary UC/Telecom soft-client

  • Reworked by MERA for the VDI client-server environment.
  • Client logic, including GUI, is on VDI server.
  • Media streams (audio, video) go directly to and from VDI clients.

Client side is thin clients from HP or from Wyse Technology

  • Linux- and Windows-based thin clients.
  • Wyse R-series (Linux- and Windows-based thin clients).
  • Deployment is done with HP Device Manager and Wyse Device Manager s/w.

VDI solution with full support of audio and video communication services

Proprietary approach to allow easy cross-VDI-platform solution for splitting client and server parts as well as arranging direct media streaming to/from the thin clients

Supporting VDI technologies from VMware and Citrix

  • Vmware ESXi hypervisor, v.4.1, 5.x.
  • Citrix XenDesktop 5.
  • VMware vCenter Server + VMware vSphere Client, v.4.1.

Private OpenStack based cloud deployment

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OpenStack based cloud deployment for enterprise use

  • Pool of x86 based servers, Ubuntu 12.04LTS.
  • OpenStack Grizzly release as a baseline with custom software on top:
    • keystone enhanced token storage,
    • libvirt upgrades,
    • rootwrap replacement, etc.
  • Separate Storage and Data networking:
    • data network for Intra-VM communication and cloud management traffic,
    • storage network for access to shared volume storage and live VM migration.
  • Separated Network Controller node:
    • quantum networking server is separated into its own nodes,
    • customized OpenVSwitch plugins used, based on 1.11 release+additions,
    • higher performance and lower latency achieved.
  • Separated Cinder storage nodes:
    • raid enabled NAS for shared VM volume storage,
    • iScsi for volume access,
    • GlusterFS for shared VM storage.

Multiple Independent internal Tenants/Project

  • Each project with its own separate network and address pools.
  • Separate external networks for each project.
  • LDAP authorization integrated into corporate infrastructure.
  • VMs are used in interactive mode (RDP/Xserver sessions) without performance issues.
  • Full live migration support.

Data storage solution in cloud

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Social network message storage solution

  • Designed to store messages that users send to each other.
  • Approximately 20000 messages/second incoming traffic at peak.
  • Text search capability on predefined fields (full text search, full field match, etc.).
  • Maximum search time is limited.
  • Fully redundant and scalable solution ready for future expansion.

The solution uses Apache Cassandra Database executing on multiple servers that accounts for available disk capacity.

  • Hector API for database access.

Solr indexing engine is used for text search.

  • HA Proxy solution for load sharing between instances.
  • Solr API for searches.

Cluster and database monitoring tools are provided as well.

  • DataStax OpsCenter for Cassandra monitoring.
  • Nagios for system monitoring.

Corporate Training System

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Corporate Training management system: View corporate training schedule, assign for training session, several levels of notifications, chat.

  • Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Two implementation options (switch by Dependency Injection):
    • Pure CQRS - optimized for reading;
    • CQRS + EventSourcing.
  • Automatic DB deployment upon first request.
  • Web client (desktop only):
    • built on ASP.NET MVC4, JQuery, KnockoutJS, HighCharts, Kendo UI, Noty;
    • reasonable balance between managed (C#) and javascript;
    • Live Tiles (aka Metro) style;
    • messaging (event push) – broadcasting;
    • Live Charts.
  • Feature Highlights
    • Azure Service Bus for inter-communication with other corporate systems;
    • Azure Blob storage for corporate document/file management;
    • cross-platform / cross-device client features;
    • Windows Claims based security mechanism;
    • full-featured HTML5 components set for Modern Windows style (legacy Metro);
    • automatic code-first database migration.

Corporate Photo Service

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Corporate Photo exchange portal. Possibility to download / upload photos, manage personal photo albums, order portfolios based on certain topics, vote.

  • Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Web client (desktop, tablet, smartphone):
    • Bootstrap 3.0 based responsive UI;
    • JQuery – DOM manipulation, keyboard / mouse / touch events;
    • knockout to align client-side Javascript according MV* patterns;
    • ASP.NET MVC 4 – server-side technology.

Feature Highlights

  • Delayed Write pattern approach;
  • Azure Blob used for photo storage;
  • Azure NoSQL (Table Storage) used for
    • service configuration,
    • user management (ASP.NET membership provider).
  • AutoScaling Application Block to manage:
    • multiple Web role instances,
    • multiple Worker role instances (image processing - rescaling, resampling, …).
  • Azure Queues for inter roles communication;
  • Autofac as IoC container;
  • Facebook integration (authentication, likes, …).

Geo Hubs

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  • organization of events with georeferencing,
  • aggregator of events & members in different geolocations,
  • allows members to create media materials from the event,
  • allows controlling event & members,
  • fast event coverage in external sources.

Feature Highlights

  • Microsoft Azure platform;
  • events that have already happened or are about to happen geographically near the user are displayed on a map;
  • user location is detected using HTML5 geolocation;
  • transparent media recording (photo, audio, video, chat) for event members;
  • full text search through events;
  • login using social networks;
  • crawling of external events sources (social networks, etc);
  • private and public events;
  • video calls based on WebRTC.


  • mobile Web client,
  • public or private cloud deployment,
  • external API for developers.

Location Based Services and Navigation

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Cloud-based LBS solution for a worldwide LBS solutions leader

  • 50+ features (navigation, search, traffic, ASR, Ad, etc.).
  • SDKs for building LBS and Navigation apps.
  • 2D and 3D visualization.
  • Cross platform consistency (Android, iPhone, J2ME, BB10, WP8, BREW).
  • Carrier-grade: 40+ millions of subscribers.
  • High-availability: 3 9s, 5 9s.
  • Different languages and countries.

MERA possess practical knowledge in R&D services (including design, maintenance, development, deployment, and testing) for client-server solutions based on public and private cloud.

  • Development and deployment of solutions on public Amazon EC2 cloud.
  • Development and deployment of solutions on public Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Deployment of private cloud based on OpenStack.
  • Life cycle high-value added complex software R&D services:
    • architectural design,
    • deployment,
    • development,
    • testing and support.

Tools and frameworks

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  • Languages: Python, C\C++, C#, Java2EE, HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Solr, MongoDB, Redis.
  • Frontend technologies/Web Services: Apache, nginx, WSGI, lighttpd, jQuery, Backbone.js, Google Closure, Knockout.js, ASP.NET MVC 5.
  • Mobile platforms supported: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile.

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