Our differentiators

Why choose MERA?

MERA specializes in software development and professional services for equipment manufacturers and IT solution vendors. MERA customers of all sizes benefit from our deep competence in leading technologies and platforms, as well as our commitment to development best practices. We tailor proven processes, technology, and project management approaches to each job, ensuring solutions are delivered with superior quality and value. Our flexible approach enables us to contribute to virtually any software research and development effort.

  • High return on investment: Our R&D offices are located in low-cost markets with world-class engineering talent, delivering creative, cost-effective solutions for every size of project.
  • Deep history in communications: Our expertise in the communications sector goes back decades and includes deep relationships with the industry’s largest innovators.
  • Unique engineering workforce: Directly employed by MERA, our engineers are educated, experienced, and capable of solving tough business and technical challenges.
  • Organizational knowledge: Meaningful projects keep staff loyalty high, giving us decades of collective experience to draw from.

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