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Distributed VoIP Platform

Developing Geo-Distributed VoIP Platform
for Emergency Call Processing


The customer is a North American start-up entering the market with a forward-looking family security app, designed to keep parents in touch with their children. Apart from being a reliable communication channel, this IoT solution based on wearable technology tracks kids’ location ensuring their safety with a number of remotely controlled functions.


To provide the end users with a declared set of services, the customers needed a powerful feature-rich solution with easy customization options.

The MERA team was to take over part of the backend development and create a geo-distributed VoIP platform for emergency calls processing. It should enable users to make automatic phone calls to the main account owner by pressing a special emergency button on their devices. All trusted contacts must be notified as well. Thus, the platform should be able to initiate calls to predefined phone numbers and play certain media files.

Another customer’s requirement was a robust and flexible architecture of the platform for further functionality enhancement. The solution should be delivered on short notice. At that time, the graphical user interface of the system was still in development at the customer’s site, which complicated demonstration of progress.


Possessing a considerable experience in backend development, MERA quickly built up a team that covered all stages of the process from backend design and development to production launch.

The MERA team adopted best-in-class architecture approaches and programming practices to achieve the platform’s stability and flexibility.

For the lack of GUI, the MERA experts had to demonstrate the progress of the project by running test scripts. Every demo was supported by easy-to-understand architecture schemes and presentations showing our progress in details. Due to a well-organized development process, MERA shortly achieved all the goals set by the customer.


MERA released the distributed VoIP platform in due time, which allowed the customer to complete the application development at their site as scheduled. Shortly thereafter, the customer brought the product to market. Since then, the customer has been continuously extending the solution with new functionality. In the feedback on the product, the customer mentioned that the flexible architecture of the platform makes adding new features easy and swift.

Major system functions:

  • Emergency calls processing
  • Media files playback during the call
  • New media files upload
  • DTMF support
  • Advanced options for call processing configuration
  • Horizontal scaling and fault tolerance


  • Java
  • Asterisk
  • Kamailio
  • PostgreSQL

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