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Automated Testing Solution

Implementing Automated Regression Testing
Solution for Web-based Backend UI


The customer is a North American company providing a cloud-based platform, which integrates all operations and customer channels with a Point of Sale (POS) for single and multi-location businesses worldwide. The solution brings together front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations into a single dashboard. The backend of this iPad-based POS solution has an administrative interface to operate the system and collect reports and can be managed via a mobile device or a Web browser.


When the customer came to MERA, the manual regression testing process for a new release of the backend took up to 2 weeks. The MERA team was to develop and implement an automated solution for regression testing to speed up the process. However, besides the need to perform regression testing faster, the customer provided more requirements: the automated regression testing solution had to be integrated with the customer’s current test management and defect management tools.


The MERA team adopted a Ranorex tool for the test automation development. The designed solution combined the core functions of Ranorex tool with a framework developed by MERA engineers, involving Ranorex and C# programming language. Best coding practices were adopted during development of the framework.

Apart from the automation of the manual tests cases, the MERA team has contributed to updating, extending and improving of the existing tests, which brought additional value to the customer.

The automated solution developed by MERA engineers allows running packages of test cases in parallel and it brings the customer additional performance increase.


MERA provided the customer with a deployed automated regression testing solution that replaces the manual regression testing for the significant part of the customer’s web-based products. Implementation of the solution resulted in a dramatic improvement in regression testing execution time. The solution is fully integrated into the customer’s testing process. High scalability of our solution allows the customer to extend it easily and rapidly by adding new automated tests or updating existing ones. To make further extension and support of the solution a seamless and comfortable process, MERA experts conducted a training for the customer’s team.

Major functions:

  • Ability to execute regression testing periodically, e.g. nightly, or whenever necessary. The automated regression testing can literally be started by pressing a button.
  • Ability to execute several packages of test cases in parallel: simultaneously and independently.
  • The automated regression testing solution sends the results of testing to the test management tool already used by the customer. This makes it possible to integrate the execution of automated regression testing into existing regression testing execution process. Thus, some test cases still could be executed manually in addition to automated tests and the result of both testings will be merged into one test report.
  • In the event of automated test case failure, the solution creates or re-opens a defect in the customer’s defect management tool and provides extensive details about the error causing this test’s failure.
  • A highly flexible configuration of major parameters for regression testing is managed in a separate configuration file. No hardcoded values.


  • C#
  • Ranorex
  • Test Rail

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