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Telecare System

Developing Configuration and Reporting Tools for Nurse Call System


The customer is a global provider of world-class communication solutions for several industry verticals, with a particular focus on the Healthcare area. The customer’s product line comprises a wide range of solutions aimed to provide a reliable connection between medical personnel and their patients, including those in critical condition.


One of the core products in the customer’s Healthcare solutions portfolio is a telecare system - a set of equipment located in a hospital room right near the patient. Through this system, the patient can call a nurse or ask for emergency help if needed.

MERA experts were to join the customer’s team and to develop from scratch configuration and reporting tools for the nurse call system. Besides that, the customer entrusted MERA with the task of testing the whole system.


MERA promptly built up the team and started to develop easy-to-use messaging, assignment and reporting user and administrator interface to control the entire complex of equipment and to manage business processes of a medical institution. The server supports and monitors the system, associating nurses with patients, and call buttons with patients’ beds.

Additionally, the server provides all kinds of reports based on various parameters, such as the number of calls, calls duration, calls status, patients’ and nurses’ locations, and more.

MERA has also performed full testing confirming the system’s reliability and scalability.

Major functions:

  • Call handling and status monitoring
  • Workflow management
  • Nurse assignments
  • Room configuration
  • Patient data storage
  • Advanced reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Administrator console management


The solution delivered by the MERA team has become a significant part of the customer’s product, strengthening its leadership in the area of patient care services.


  • Java
  • С/С++
  • Vue.js
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Jasmine, Karma
  • Agile/SCRUM
  • СI

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