Switching and Routing Components

Developing Switching and Routing Components for Telecom Nodes


The customer is a world-famous telecom equipment manufacturer. One of the core products in the client’s portfolio is a generic hardware and infrastructure server platform designed to host one or more telecom applications and provide reliable and scalable services.


The customer tasked MERA to consolidate the R&D of switching and routing components by reducing the number of suppliers and production sites. By that time, MERA professionals had already been providing the customer with the development and maintenance services and proven themselves to be reliable partners. With our successful collaboration and the progress achieved in mind, the customer assigned MERA as an end-to-end partner for all the R&D activities in regard to switching and routing components. At that moment, the products transferred to MERA suffered from a number of long-lasting software-related problems, which undermined their quality. MERA was to perform knowledge transfer at short notice and promptly show a significant progress in terms of both product quality and new functionality.


In as little as two months, MERA concluded the knowledge transfer and took over full responsibility for the product design. Right after this, we launched an ambitious improvement program aimed at:

  • architecture analysis and deployment of systemized technical improvements such as a single-thread SNMP handler;
  • introduction of static analysis tools as part of the nightly build procedures;
  • improvement of the test coverage and automated test cases stability, including the implementation of a Continuous Integration framework.


All of the above was done in parallel with the development of new features requested by the customer. As part of this project, we have also implemented a VLAN translation feature that enables the product users to significantly reduce the time and complexity of the initial system configuration and its further adjustments.


After six months of full product responsibility, the MERA team has accomplished the following:

  • reduction of the total number of defects from 50+ to a single-digit backlog;
  • stabilization of the test and CI environment: the number of successful CI runs has increased from <50% to 80+%;
  • 0 days of delivery delay.
Major features implemented:
  • Security updates for switching and routing components (ANSSI)
  • IPv4/32 & IPv6/128 route handling
  • VRRP tracking BFD, VRRP
  • Next-hops in a ECMP group
  • Ability to pre-configure port density using DHCP
  • BGP support in line with RFC 4271, RFC 4760 and RFC 3392
  • NET-SNMP single-thread handling
  • Excessive number of LSAs in OSPF DB (OSPF DB limits)







Broadcom StrataXGS NPU

IPv4/IPv6 stack



L2: 1G/10G/40G Ethernet, VLAN

L3+: OSPFv2/v3, BGP-4/BGP-4+

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