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Smart Door Lock Application

Developing Android Application for Keyless Electronic Door Lock


The customer is a North American manufacturer of semiconductors for a wide array of industry verticals including communications, automotive, computing, industrial IoT, and more. The company is continuously expanding its product portfolio with cutting-edge solutions involving the latest technologies.


The MERA team was to take part in the project aimed to develop an application for smartphones that would allow locking/unlocking doors using reverse wireless charging technology. An Android device, acting as a wireless power transmitter, activates lock actuator mechanism. Such a system may find use, for example, in hotels as an alternative to card key door locks. The MERA team’s task was to provide a PoC, operating with the prototype system.


The core part of the system was a keyless electronic lock without autonomous power supply with an attached chip, supporting wireless charge over Qi. MERA has developed a specific firmware and Android app for smartphones with wireless charger chip.

In the prototype system, the chip was plugged into the USB port of the smartphone. In future, the customer planned to cooperate with smartphone manufacturers to make it a part of a device. MERA experts have developed from scratch encryption algorithms for the chip, Android user, and Admin app. Apart from that, MERA conducted thorough testing of the system, confirming the solution’s efficiency.


The performed project has verified the concept of charging wearable electronics using a wireless charger from a smartphone. MERA provided the customer with the PoC ready for further development and implementation.

Major functions:

  • Lock/unlock doors with Android smartphone
  • Store several keys
  • Keys management with the Admin application
  • Protected on-phone and on-chip keys storage
  • Protected keys transmission between a lock and a phone (LEA, AES)


  • Android
  • Proprietary SDK to interact with chip

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