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Home Security

Developing Home Security
and Monitoring Solution


The customer is a well-known North American provider of VoIP solutions for home and office. Willing to increase their market share, they decided to offer their clients in North America and Canada a completely new product based on their existing IP phone solution.


Our task was to develop from scratch a cloud-based system for smart home security. Main requirements from the customer were to deliver a powerful customizable solution with an easy to use interface and do-it-yourself installation.

Besides a bunch of functionalities to be designed within a limited time frame, the customer wanted MERA to revise and improve their current R&D processes and actively participated in the task.


MERA took over the entire development lifecycle implementing best-in-class architecture practices and aligning customer’s software development processes with the latest methodologies and trends.

The MERA team promptly covered all the areas from architecture design and backend development to applications design and comprehensive testing of the product in both software and hardware aspects. The customer needed various types of wireless sensors to be seamlessly integrated into the system. Along with the technical part, MERA designed a modern UI for mobile and web applications.

Working proactively, the MERA team took full responsibility for the product. The project was completed on time and with all the features successfully implemented. In less than 2 years later, the home security system was ready to go to market.

Since that time, MERA has been helping the customer to continuously improve the solution, add new functionalities and enhance the product’s performance and stability.


The first release of the home security and monitoring solution was available for the end-users in 2017. Right from the start, the new product was favorably accepted by existing users and attracted new clients.

A do-it-yourself installation of the system required neither specific technical skill nor involving a professional. Homeowners set up the entire system, including wireless sensors, easily and quickly, which significantly reduces their initial expenses, compared to other home security products. Such usability and rich functionality of the solution, on the other hand, generate exponential sales growth for the customer.

Major system functions:

  • 24/7 home protection and monitoring;
  • Instant event alerts in Android/iOS App or via email, SMS, and phone call;
  • Remote 911 call from a consumer’s home phone in case of emergency;
  • Automatic arming and disarming based on a user’s GPS location, time of the day and day of the week;
  • Integration with a full range of wireless security sensors to scale the system: water-leak, door, window, garage door, smoke alarm, and more (the system supports the total of up to 100 sensors);
  • An intuitive web and mobile interface to configure security settings and manage alerts; Home phone service.
  • Home phone service.


  • Server:
  • HMS Server
  • Beehive
  • Nimbits
  • Freeswitch
  • Kamailio
  • Arlo
  • Spring/Hibernate
  • Java, Node.JS, SQL
  • Mobile apps:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Obj-C, Java, C/C++

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