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POS Solution

Maximizing Сapabilities of Existing POS solution
for Restaurants, Retail, and Enterprises


The customer is a US-based company which rapidly grew from a startup to a well-known POS provider. With their iPad and cloud-based Point of Sale business platform, the customer integrates operations and customer channels with Point of Sale functionality in a single, user-friendly and extremely secure payment processing solution.


The customer wanted to improve their mobile POS solution, which had been recently released but suffered from certain stability, performance and functionality issues. Still in a prototype phase, the product had limited functionality, lack of major features, and no business-specific customization.

Therefore, high team performance and agility along with a significant amount of features to be developed were among the customer’s requirements. Lack of technical documents and mature R&D processes further complicated the matter, urging the engineering team to work even harder under the pressure of tight schedule and constantly changing requirements.


MERA quickly built up a team to cover and participate in the development, bugfix and quality assurance of all product areas, including frontend/backend development, and DevOps. Following best-in-class architecture approaches and programming practices, they achieved the product’s stability and improved its performance.

Three years later, MERA transformed the initial bare-metal base architecture into a sophisticated solution ready for cloud-based, hybrid or bare-metal based approach. It is based on production environment designed to meet the expectations of enterprise customers: high performance, high availability, redundancy and advanced reporting.

MERA extended the product with all core POS features as well as industry-specific features plus a bunch of additional features to convert the product into a feature-reach POS solution.

Another task on MERA’s agenda was integration of the solution with numerous POS-related hardware devices such as printers, barcode scanners, pinpads and others. MERA engineers also performed the product’s integration with third-party services like shipping and delivery, loyalty programs, accounting systems, etc.

As of 2019, MERA continues to be a vital part of the vendor’s team responsible for both hardware and software aspects of the solution. Apart from R&D services, MERA experts provide the vendor with QA resources, а reliable DevOps team and scalable Tier 1&2 omnichannel multi-lingual support.


The POS solution fine-tuned with the help of MERA allows the customer to offer end-users an efficient, reliable and fault-tolerant product, hence increasing customer satisfaction level and market share. Combining cloud-based technology and mobility of a tablet, the solution provides end-users with everything required to run operations in bars, restaurants, and stores of all sizes with 360-degree security.

  • Feature-rich modern frontend for a number of mobile platforms:
  • iPad based UI frontend created using a user‑centered approach
  • Web and Android applications for mobile and online ordering
  • iPhone application for inventory management
  • iPad applications for Client Display System and Kitchen Display System
  • On-line and off-line modes enabling business continuity when Wi-Fi network is down
  • Maximized backend performance as a result of optimized scalable environment:
  • Hybrid Cloud for flexibility and scalability
  • Docker containers for services and applications deployment
  • Kubernetes for horizontal scalability and fault-tolerance clusters
  • Feature-reach REST APIs for mobile and web clients integration


  • Obj-C, C/C++ for iOS
  • Java for Android
  • Python, Java, Go for server side
  • JavaScript, Angular.js, Backbone.js frameworks
  • Docker and Kubernates
  • Selenium\py.test
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite

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