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Head Unit

Enhancing In-Car Multimedia System


The customer is a well-known North American company focused on Automotive solutions. Its Automotive Multimedia systems and Head Units are widely used across different brands of cars all over the world.


The customer wanted to improve the overall quality of numerous embedded multimedia systems and Head Units’ applications and build up an infrastructure for Continuous Integration approach to development. High team performance and agility were among the customer’s requirements.


MERA quickly built up a team to participate in the development, bugfix and quality assurance activities of all product areas, including Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Testing. Following best-in-class architectural approaches and programming practices, the team became a trusted component of the customer’s R&D process.

MERA adopted an integrated approach to implementing CI processes within the customer’s environment: including software, guidelines and highly skilled engineers supporting it. Upon the delivery of the software product, MERA will have provided a team of dedicated engineers to support it.

Our engineers designed, assembled and developed a test automation solution for Head Units and Multimedia systems that consisted of hardware and software components and would later become a part of the CI processes. This solution supports OCR and Computer Vision and can interact with Head Units and Multimedia systems in various ways and protocols, including CAN, serial bus and USB subsystem. Another task performed by MERA in close collaboration with the customer was developing a digital radio Head Unit module responsible for receiving and processing satellite data. In as little as six months the team delivered the solution that significantly extended the Head Unit functionality, providing the driver with the information about fuel prices, nearest gas stations, weather conditions and much more. While working on the module, MERA adopted the TDD (Test-Driven Development) approach for the first time. As of now, MERA remains the only supplier following the TDD in the customer’s projects.

In addition, the MERA team developed from scratch an autonomous logs capturing solution that helps the customers’ distributed team to collect traces records from a various set of sources and share traces in Cloud in case of any issue.

As of 2019, MERA continues to be a vital part of the customer’s team responsible for both hardware and software aspects of the test automation solution. Apart from R&D services, MERA experts provide the vendor with QA resources.


The solutions delivered by MERA in close cooperation with the customer allowed the clients to greatly speed-up their R&D processes, improve the quality of the products and hence increase customer satisfaction level.


  • Python
  • JavaScript, Angular.js, Backbone.js
  • Embedded Linux
  • С/C++
  • Java
  • Node.JS
  • Docker and Kubernates
  • Tesseract/OpenCV
  • Robot Framework

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