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Fleet Management System

Developing New Components and Features
for Fleet Management System


The customer is a US-based telematics solutions provider offering products and services focused on driver safety, operational efficiency, compliance, and workforce optimization. Its breakthrough technologies and services are designed to enhance fleet performance by providing real-time fleet intelligence to managers and in-vehicle verbal coaching to drivers.


The customer wanted to improve their real-time fleet management system and extend it with new components and features. Alongside this, the customer tasked MERA with supporting their existing customers coming with bug reports and feature requests. In addition, the engineering team had to work under the pressure of tight schedule and changing requirements.


MERA quickly built up a team to participate in the development, bugfix and quality assurance activities of all product areas, including firmware, frontend (mobile and web) and backend. Among other things, MERA set up a local HW laboratory. Following best-in-class architectural approaches and programming practices, they achieved all the goals set by the customer.


The MERA team carried out the following tasks over 5 years of cooperation:

  • New mobile applications development for iOS/Android
  • ELD support
  • Easy system update/extension over-the-air (OTA) upgrade
  • Porting features from legacy to a new platform
  • Data cross-validation (OBD speed vs GPS speed, GPS Latitude/Longitude vs accelerometers hard turns, clock validation)
  • Integration of third-party safety (collision detection/mitigation) solution via CAN bus
  • Least-cost routing: WiFi=>GPRS=>Satellite connectivity
  • Integration of a third-party GSM detection device with FMS. This safety-related feature helps to detect/prevent calls from/to driver’s mobile phone while the car is moving
  • Electronic hours of service
  • Speed-by-street violation detection
  • Seat belt use monitoring
  • Crash & roll over detection
  • Harsh breaking detection
  • Driver/vehicle inspection records
  • Emergency call button
  • Continuous driving behavior data recording

Cloud software development:

  • Backend services and Frontend development
  • Technologies
  • C/C++
  • Java EE
  • JavaScript, Angular.js
  • ORM
  • SQLite
  • Mobile application development of iOS and Android apps
  • Technologies
  • Objective-C for iOS
  • Java for Android (including JNI)
  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, AWS SDK
  • ORM
  • UI/UX

Embedded firmware development

Firmware for “black-box” and HMI devices for different platforms:

  • Bootloaders with image fallback functionality
  • Drivers for USB, touchscreen, I2C, I2S, eMMC, NAND, FRAM, RFID, G-Sensor and other peripheral devices
  • Middleware services and Business logic applications
  • UI applications
  • AOSP custom image creation


  • C/C++
  • OS: FreeRTOS, μClinux, Android Linux
  • Wireless: GPS/GPRS/3G/4G/Satellite, Wi-Fi
  • Wired: CAN, SCP, K-Line, KWP2000, J-bus

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