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Energy Intelligence Solution

Enabling Companies to Maximize
and Maintain Their Energy Savings


The customer is one of the industry leaders in energy metering and management solutions helping companies and households all over the globe to reduce their energy costs. The core product in the customer’s portfolio is the software solution that allows building managers to establish energy consumption targets, analyze consumption trends, identify and validate opportunities for energy efficiency programs, and thus to cut energy and operational costs.


The existing application suite is a web-based solution offered as a SaaS. It is used by large organizations to track and monitor energy use in their facilities. Our initial task was to maintain and extend the functionality of the current energy intelligence solution.

However, the challenging process of meters installation and configuration complicated the implementation of the system. The management of the customer’s company had come to a decision to bring to market a state-of-the-art product simplifying the process and reducing the time and resources needed for system deployment.

By that time, MERA experts had already proven themselves as experienced specialists well versed in the customer’s current product. As a result, the MERA team was entrusted to develop from scratch a new solution, which automates the integration of new sensors into the system.


In as little as one year, MERA engineers completed the development and testing of the new product. The solution consists of the following parts:

  • ZigBee electricity meter
  • Wireless M-Bus/ZigBee Repeater
  • Wireless meter concentrator
  • Software components: Installation App and integration portal

A simplified process of adding new meters to the system requires only a few easy actions from the installation engineer:

  • To connect the equipment on the customer's side to loads using the Installation App;
  • To checks the correctness of the meters connection to the hub/repeater and the connection with the HES - Head End System;
  • To check, if the meters actual readings correspond to those collected by the hub;
  • To send a work order report to the integration portal.

The portal processes the report and automatically creates the entire structure so that the Energy Manager can see the full picture and immediately observe the data received from the meters.


The product developed by MERA in close collaboration with the customer allows the clients to go through the complete installation procedure in one step, and therefore to implement and deploy the energy solution in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

The customer successfully launched the solution to the market, making energy saving process more comfortable than ever. The new product was well received by existing clients and helped to attract new companies.


  • Java
  • GWT
  • С#, .NET
  • UWP (WFP)

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