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Diagnostic Utility

Developing Diagnostic Utility for Chips


The customer is an international designer and developer of semiconductors. The system-level solutions provided by the customer’s company are being implemented across a large number of industry verticals all around the globe.


The MERA team’s task was to develop a diagnostic tool for hardware and firmware engineers for evaluation and production of high-quality chipsets. The tool was to support multiple chipset types. MERA team needed to develop the application from scratch to a product release with a Qt application framework and was responsible for the product architecture and development plan as well.


MERA quickly took full responsibility for the product. In close cooperation with the customer’s team, MERA completed the development within time and budget, implementing all the requirements of the customer.


Shortly after release, the customer started to use the application for verification of manufactured chips, resulting in enhanced quality of the customer’s final products.

Major functions:

  • Read/write of chipset registers
  • Firmware updates
  • Real-time diagrams such as voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.
  • Upload of new firmware
  • Real-time logging from a chip
  • Memory dumps
  • Control commands to a chipset
  • Scripting logic
  • Industry standard and proprietary communication protocols support


  • A number of Qt components
  • OpenGL (QPainter)
  • Configuration Settings (QSettings)
  • C++ 14 standard

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