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Data Center Management Solution

Developing Data Center Infrastructure Management
Solution for Cooling Optimization and Energy Savings


The customer is a global provider of energy efficiency systems and solutions. The company with a wireless mesh sensor network technology in its portfolio operates in a number of market segments, helping businesses to increase ROI by optimizing data center energy consumption.


One of the biggest challenges faced by data center owners is streamlining cooling equipment energy consumption while ensuring that servers always operate in the optimal environment. A state-of-the-art platform involving wireless technologies was aimed to automate the process of finding the right balance. The idea was to design a turnkey solution that collects data from a wireless sensor network at regular intervals and depending on the outcome automatically adjusts cooling power where necessary.

The customer entrusted MERA with the development of a software suite for collecting data from various sensors, calculating different metrics and representing them in easy-to-use graphical formats. The software would gather information about temperature and humidity via sensors installed in server racks, monitor data center environment and generate thermal maps and alerts to data center engineers.


The solution developed by MERA in close collaboration with the customer performs monitoring and dynamic adjustment of environmental conditions based on real-time sensor data. In line with the customer’s requirements, the architecture allows the software to operate both as a central management platform and as a part of larger control solutions. Both upstream and downstream data channels support pluggable protocol handlers including wireless sensors, BACnet, Modbus and SNMP devices.

Furthermore, the software enables on-the-fly floor plan reconfiguration, dynamic sensor addition or removal, and the ability to work in a failover cluster. The user interface providing real-time monitoring and total control over the environmental conditions is fully localizable. It can be easily adapted to different languages and units of measurement (metric or US customary) depending on user’s preferences.


MERA experts completed the task on time according to all customer’s requirements and specifications. The cost-effective solution offered by the customer requires minimal investments in equipment and delivers all the benefits of cooling management systems automation. Implementing the solution, data centers save up to 50% of cooling energy, which results in a significant reduction of general expenses.

System architecture:

  • A wireless sensor network with up to several millions of sensors
  • Environmental equipment (Air Conditioner and Air Handler, CRAC/CRAH)
  • Gateway bridging all the equipment into a single network
  • Server performing real-time environmental adjustment

Major features:

  • Room temperature dynamic map
  • Automatic CRAC/CRAH parameters control by pre-defined patterns
  • A historical database, analytics, and customizable reports
  • Network health monitoring, device settings and firmware update


  • Java EE
  • MySQL/MirandaDB
  • Drools BRMS
  • CUDA

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