Connected Car Camera

Featuring Safety, Security and Connectivity


Integration of the automotive industry and computer systems is growing at an unprecedented pace and telematics is the main area of integration. It allows to collect and use data on-the-go and help drivers in a number of ways – from roadside assistance to infotainment, remote work and decision making, sharing content in social media and making the best of photo and video recording capabilities. MERA has been selected by San Francisco-based start-up to develop software for the world’s first connected car camera.


MERA leverages expertise in major telematics platforms to help San Francisco-based start-up deliver the future of driving to millions of vehicles on the road. The device, with its dual, low-light sensitive cameras – one facing in and one facing out – delivers the connected car features that matter to drivers - safety, security, and connectivity – regardless of a car’s make, model, and year.


MERA developed some components of firmware for the device as well as a number of features for cloud back-end. The device is always connected with LTE protocol and transmits video streams from two cameras to the cloud.


A number of features has been implemented:
4G LTE connectivity with the cloud
View a “live feed” of what’s happening in and around your car
ADAS features based on Computer Vision technology
Capture the unexpected – outside and inside



Java EE





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