Analytics Platform for Contact Center

Cutting Costs of Analytics Platform with Open Source Technologies


The customer is a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems. One of the main lines in the customer’s product range is an advanced contact center solution, easily customized to meet any client’s needs.

The analytics system for the customer’s contact center solution had been developed using the top of Oracle products stack. Due to some changes in the license agreement with Oracle, the customer decided to substitute Oracle products with freeware.


The MERA team was to find equivalent free alternatives to Oracle products, where possible, allowing the system to provide all the real-time metrics, graphics, historical and real-time analytics related to the contact center solution.


Other customer’s requirements for the new solution were to:

  • Modify the system architecture to microservices to be friendly with the cluster environment
  • Feature parity with the previous Oracle-based version
  • Minimize refactoring /business logic changes
  • Avoid API changes (interfaces with adjacent systems – i.e., contact center)
  • Provide high reliability and redundancy


MERA has conducted research and studied several proofs of concept to offer the best option. Bearing in mind the complex architecture of the solution, MERA developed a PoC for the new system in as little as one month. In this proprietary open source-based solution, every metric had to be calculated separately, and the MERA team’s task was to implement such functionality.


Within the framework of the PoC implementation, the following changes are planned:

  • OBI to be replaced with MicroStrategy (this is the only component for which no suitable free replacement was found)
  • Oracle Database to be replaced with Crunchy Database (containerized PostgreSQL)
  • ODI to be replaced with custom ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) functions
  • Oracle WebLogic to be replaced with Apache Tomcat embedded into each microservice
  • Enterprise message bus to be switched from Oracle proprietary JMS implementation to Apache Kafka
  • Oracle CEP framework to be replaced with Spring Integration


Currently, the project is in progress. MERA took over responsibility for the whole backend development. Within the scope of the MERA team’s responsibilities are the development of microservice/Java components and WebLogic replacement. Besides completing major programming tasks, our experts are closely involved in architecture discussion and decision-making process.


Apart from that, MERA software designers are working in close cooperation with the customer’s team on the database adjustment and completing important programming tasks in ETL.




Spring Framework

Apache Tomcat

Apache Kafka

Data Base





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