Growth opportunities

MERA is a software services provider for a number of industry verticals. The company accumulates and leverages expertise in Automotive, Information and Communication Technologies, FinTech, Industrial IoT, Robotics and Transportation industries with deep passion for perfection and proficiency in creating most reliable and powerful solutions.

Why choose MERA

  • Adherence to corporate culture in all projects ensuring that all staff members realize the importance of their contribution and are aware of quality and security requirements,
  • Highly skilled and well-educated software engineers qualified in a wide range of communications (wireless/wireline/enterprise) expertise combined with excellent competence in various software development technologies and best practices,
  • Team of professionals guided by responsibility that strives for success and finds solutions in the most complicated situations,
  • Constant quality, security, and professional trainings for personnel to uphold the highest level of services for customers.

Being a constantly growing company MERA fosters corporate environment full of growth. All company’s executive management went all the way from the basics which gives them a better understanding of the project situation, technical and technological details of everyday activities. Working at MERA gives great experience and a high level of competence in software R&D.

Being a trusted partner of the world’s information and communication technologies industry we use the latest technologies giving our employees opportunities to gain unique knowledge. Due to contracts with new customers and extension of cooperation with our existing partners the number of projects in MERA keeps going up which implies more possibilities of professional development.

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