Linux Engineer

Serbia, Belgrad

We are looking for SW engineers that will join the group that is responsible for developing MG (Media Gateway) and SBC (Session Border Controller) for VOIP network.

SBC/GW are products that enable VOIP session over the internet. These products handle both Signaling (mainly SIP) and Media.

These products run on a wide range of platforms from small proprietary dedicate HW to large HP server and on the different environment including different hypervisors and cloud environment.

These products are written in C++ and run over Linux.


The candidate profile that we are looking are:

SW Engineer - Linux expert

We are looking for a C/C++ Engineer to join our infrastructure system team. The team is responsible for building the system infrastructure in all client's products.

As part of our team, you will be developing software in a multi-threaded and complex environment and gain a unique perspective into the client's products.

We involve many technologies such as Linux Kernel internals, many scripting languages, boot loaders, cloud environments and more.


  • Knowledge of Linux kernel internals (process scheduler, memory management, concurrency/synchronization, memory allocation, file systems). 
  • Device driver development and support.
  • Debugging skills in kernel context.
  • Experience with running applications in user space, and knowledge of userspace API.
  • Experience porting/maintaining Linux distributions (Red Hat or CentOS).
  • Experience in deployment and administration of Linux distributions (Red Hat or CentOS).
  • Experience integrating the software with existing systems.
  • Proficiency in scripting languages (Bash and Python).
  • Toolchain and development environment setup, ability to write and modify Makefiles.
  • Experience in developing software in C/C++.
  • Experience with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure).

Education required:

BS in Computer Science/Software Engineering

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