Linux Engineer

Serbia, Belgrad

We are looking for 2 experienced software engineers to be part of a stellar engineering team responsible for developing AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based platform with tight integration with SIP functionalities. The project focus is the customization of Android 9 components and default applications to meet client needs.

The project is the migration of client’s old software (Marshmallow) to the latest version of Android (Oreo) together with upgrading the hardware and deploying some new features like dual-switch ETH port and hardware keyboard. The project is divided into tasks and follows the SCRUM methodology.


  • C/C++ programming experience
  • Understanding of embedded systems architecture
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel, Open Source Linux kernel, and Linux internals, writing Makefiles, bug fixing, etc.
  • Knowledge of operating systems and multi-threading programming
  • Experience with using GIT

Technologies used: Android AOSP, Atlassian tools

Education required:

BS in Computer Science/Software Engineering

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